My Fair Son

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My Fair Son
Directed by Cui Zi'en
Produced by Shining Liu
Weiming Wang
Written by Cui Zi'en
Starring Yu Bo
Junrui Wang
Weiming Wang
Guifeng Wang
Ziqiang Li
Music by Guofeng Wang
Cinematography Jin Yang
Edited by Ziyi Qi
Ningning Zu
Cuizi DV Studio
Milimitel Film
Distributed by dGenerate Films
Water Bearer Films
Release date
Running time
92 minutes
Country  China
Language Mandarin

My Fair Son (Chinese: 我如花似玉的儿子) is a 2005 Chinese gay-themed film (first released for public exhibition in the United States in 2009), by Chinese film director Cui Zi'en.[1] The main characters are Rui (Ray) and the object of his affection, Bo, an employee of his father. The film contains full-frontal male nudity.[1][2]


A teenage boy, Ray, returns home from a life with his grandfather to live with his father, after they have been estranged for several years. During the period of their estrangement, Ray spent much of his youth rebelling against his father's lifestyle. After he enrolls in an art school, Ray becomes romantically involved, in a relationship, with another male student, and the pair soon become lovers. His father discovers the two young men in bed together, and begins to understand what it means to live as a homosexual. Ray then meets one of his father's employees, Bo, and falls in love with him, too. Bo is engaged, and admits to Ray's father that he is in love with his son.[1][3][4] The father fires Bo and lies to Ray that he left on his own will. Ray does not accept his father's argument. The film ends with Ray roaming on a terrace with floating transparent images of his childhood pictures.


  • Junrui Wang ... Xiao Rui (Ray)
  • Weiming Wang ... Father of Xiao Rui
  • Yu Bo ... Xiao Bo
  • Guifeng Wang ... Unnamed first boyfriend of Xiao Rui
  • Ziqiang Li ... Unnamed friend of Xiao Rui

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