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My Fair Zombie is a Canadian comedy-musical horror film written by Trevor Payer and directed by Brett Kelly. It was produced by Anne-Marie Frigon. Its name and theme were created as an amusing resemblance to the classic stage play Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw. My Fair Zombie was filmed in 2012, and features Sacha Gabriel as Eliza Dolittle, Lawrence Evenchick as Henry Higgins, and Barry Caiger as Colonel Pickering. Supporting roles include Jason Redmond as Freddy and Jennifer Vallance as Ms. Pearce. The soundtrack was written by Stephen John Tippet, of the Ottawa Jazz outfit, My Tiny Circus, and performed by the cast. The director of cinematography was Jeremy Kennedy and the costumes were designed by Cynthia Sanoy.


In the Edwardian era (London, England), zombie attacks have become the norm. A phonetics professor Henry Higgins wagers with Colonel Pickering, that he can train, and transform a zombie (Eliza Dolittle) into a "proper" English-speaking member of upper-class society. Comedy ensues as Henry Higgins makes attempts to introduce a zombie to high culture.


  • Sacha Gabriel as Eliza Dolittle
  • Lawrence Evenchick as Henry Higgins
  • Barry Caiger as Colonel Pickering
  • Jennifer Vallance as Mrs. Pearce
  • Jason Redmond as Freddy Eynesford-Hill
  • Trevor Payer as Neppomuck
  • Gabrielle MacKenzie as Mrs. Eynesford-Hill
  • Penelope Goranson as Mrs. Higgins
  • Veronika D'Arc as Parlour Maid
  • Jody Haucke as Rough Man
  • John Migliore as Zombie
  • Madison Payer as Bitey
  • Ian Quick as French Ambassador
  • Anik Rompre as Zombie
  • Shannon Walker as Maid
  • Peter Whittaker as Police Officer


  • 2013 "Best Comedy Feature" Award at the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival
  • "Best Film" Montreal Horrorfest 2013

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