My Family (Hong Kong TV series)

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My Family
My Family promo poster
Genre Modern Comedy
Starring Chung King Fai
Ha Yu
Hawick Lau
Alex Fong
Shirley Yeung
Sam Chan
Rebecca Chan
Narrated by Hawick Lau
Opening theme "幸福家庭" by
Alex Fong
Ending theme "頭等" by
Hawick Lau
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 20
Producer(s) Amy Wong
Running time 45 minutes (approx.)
Original network TVB
Original release January 31 – February 25, 2005
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My Family (Traditional Chinese: 甜孫爺爺) is a TVB modern drama series broadcast in January 2005.


Experience grows with age,
When wise old grand pa is in charge,
The family is in good shape.

Man Tai-Lor (Chung King Fai) controls the Man family with an iron fist, much to the displeasure of his son Man Chiu-Kit (Ha Yu), who is constantly trying to assert his authority within the family. When Tai-Lor developed Parkinson's Disease, he hides his anxieties by retiring from his job as a school principal and concealing his ailment from his family. When the truth is revealed, he decides to step down as the patriarch of his family and lets Chiu-Kit run the family.

Relationships in the family worsen when eldest son Freeman Man Yat-Long (Hawick Lau) moves out. He and second son Ray Man Yat-Hei (Alex Fong) end up competing for the same girl, an aspiring cake maker named Miki Mo See-Ting (Shirley Yeung). The third son, Kevin Man Yat-Ching (Sam Chan) becomes especially rebellious as his father tries to assert himself as the family patriarch by implementing stricter and less reasonable rules for his sons to follow. When the Man family starts teetering off the track, the old and retired Tai-Lor has to step in to clear the mess and gently guide everyone back...


Cast Role Description
Chung King Fai Man Tai-Lor
Retired Principal
Man Chiu-Kit's father.
Man Yat-Long, Man Yat-Hei, and Man Yat-Ching's grandfather.
Ha Yu Man Chiu-Kit
Health Inspector
Man Wong Mei-Sin's husband.
Man Tai-Lor's son.
Man Yat-Long, Man Yat-Hei, and Man Yat-Ching's father.
Rebecca Chan Man Wong Mei-Sin
Housewife, high school teacher
Ning Mao-Chun's wife.
Man Yat-Long, Man Yat-Hei, and Man Yat-Ching's mother.
Hawick Lau Man Yat-Long (Freeman)
Mo Si-Ting's ex-boyfriend.
Man Yat-Hei and Man Yat-Ching's older brother.
Alex Fong Man Yat-Hei (Ray)
Pastry Chef
Mo Si-Ting's boyfriend.
Man Yat-Long and Man Yat-Ching's brother.
Sam Chan Man Yat-Ching (Kevin)
Man Yat-Long and Man Yat-Hei's younger brother.
Shirley Yeung Mo See-Ting (Miki)
Patry Chef
Man Yat-Long's ex-girlfriend.
Man Yat-Hei's girlfriend.
Akubi's assistant.
Belinda Hamnett Akubi Singer/Actress


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