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"My Fault"
Scrubs episode
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 20
Directed by Richard Alexander Wells
Written by Neil Goldman
Garrett Donovan
Featured music "Feel the Sun" by Bryan Schaefer
Production code 320
Original air date April 22, 2004
Guest appearance(s)
Episode chronology
← Previous
"My Choosiest Choice of All"
Next →
"My Self-Examination"
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"My Fault" is the 20th episode of Season Three and the 66th episode overall of the American sitcom Scrubs. It originally aired on April 22, 2004, on NBC.


The episode begins with Dr. Bob Kelso telling Dr. Perry Cox that he is thinking about offering full body scans at the hospital, an idea to which Dr. Cox is morally opposed. Dr. Kelso seems to acknowledge that he is right, and Dr. Cox thinks Dr. Kelso finally listened to him about something, until he sees a blatantly unethical television commercial persuading people to get the scans. He goes outside and sees a billboard advertising the scans, too. Dr. Cox voices his frustration to Dr. Kelso and bets him that if one person gets the scan, he will kiss Kelso's ring. Harvey Corman, a hypochondriac, then enters the hospital wanting the scan.

Christopher Turk's boss, Dr. Grace Miller, mentions how excited she is for Turk's wedding to Carla Espinosa. Carla is stressed from planning the wedding, and Turk tries to calm her down by allowing her to uninvite some people if necessary. Meanwhile, J.D. and his girlfriend, Danni Sullivan, are obviously bored of each other's company at a friend's dinner party. J.D. decides to break up with her. When she leaves, Danni remarks that J.D. always wants what he can't have.

Dr. Cox tries to talk Mr. Corman out of the full body scan. He takes Mr. Corman to lunch and accidentally brings up the bet with Dr. Kelso, causing Mr. Corman to storm off. Dr. Miller starts treating Turk miserably, seemingly out of the blue; Carla explains that she uninvited her from the wedding. Also, Janitor catches J.D. admiring Elliot Reid from afar. Elliot asks her boyfriend, Sean Kelly, to move in with her, inflaming J.D.'s jealousy. J.D. tries to talk her out of it. Sean overhears them and privately tells J.D. to let them be.

Dr. Cox finally admits to Mr. Corman that he doesn't want him to be in needless pain; it's not about the bet. To prove it, he lies to Dr. Kelso that Mr. Corman already took the test, thus losing the bet, and kisses Dr. Kelso's ring. Turk accuses Carla of making the whole wedding about herself. He then finds out that she arranged for there to be televisions at the reception so he could watch the playoffs, proving that some aspects of the wedding are catered to him, too. He forgives Carla and lets her decide Dr. Miller's invitation status; she declines to invite her.

J.D. ponders whether Elliot is really the girl he is supposed to be with, and he ends up confessing his feelings for her. Emotionally confused, Elliot leaves. She then breaks up with Sean and instead chooses to be with J.D. At that moment, J.D. realizes he doesn't love her anymore; he just wanted what he couldn't have.


Turk and Carla are planning their wedding, experiencing some of the related ups and downs, in this episode. Most notably, J.D.'s and Elliot's continuing feelings for each other after their initial fling dramatically resurface here.


  • It is revealed that Turk's middle name is Duncan.
  • Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence helped write the episode but did not get full credit.
  • Janitor's mention of Ross and Rachel is a reference to the couple from Friends.
  • The episode features the song "Feel the Sun" by Bryan Schaefer.


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