My Favorite Year (album)

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My Favorite Year
Studio album by Tony Scalzo
Released 29 April 2013 (digital download)
21 May 2013 (CD)
Recorded 2012 on Practise, Inc., Austin, Texas
The Doghouse, Manor, Texas (Ian McLagan's organ)
Genre Rock, pop rock, indie rock, alternative rock
Label East Liberty Records
Producer Stephen Belans

My Favorite Year is the debut solo album by American singer, guitarist and keyboardist Tony Scalzo of Fastball fame. It was engineered by Joe Blaney, who helped to engineer The Clash's fifth album Combat Rock.[1] Work on the album started on 2011, when Tony started a Kickstarter program.[1] According to Tony, the songs he co-wrote with his Fastball colleague Miles Zuniga were originally created as Fastball tracks, but were not included in any of the band's records.[1] He defined the genre of the album as "melodic pop".[2]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and composed by Tony Scalzo, except where noted. 

No. Title Length
1. "Love Lost"   2:39
2. "Regretfully"   2:36
3. "Don't Let Anyone"   3:27
4. "Halfway Girl"   3:54
5. "Ziggy" (Scalzo, Chris Stills, Miles Zuniga) 3:40
6. "Reality" (Scalzo, Tucker Livingston) 2:36
7. "Free World" (Scalzo, Britt Daniel, Zuniga) 3:25
8. "Looks Like I've Thrown it All Away" (Scalzo, Cory Glaeser) 3:23
9. "Par for the Course"   3:10
10. "Bed I Made"   4:09
11. "Forever Girl"   2:28
12. "Last Word"   3:04


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