My Fellow Citizens

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My Fellow Citizens
Also known as
  • Dear Citizens
  • People of the Country
Hangul국민 여러분
Written byHan Jung-hoon
Directed byKim Jung-hyun
Country of originSouth Korea
Original language(s)Korean
Executive producer(s)
  • Jung Hae-ryung
  • Seo Jang-won
Camera setupSingle-camera
Production company(s)
  • Monster Union[2]
  • WON Contents
DistributorKorean Broadcasting System
Original networkKBS2
Picture format1080i (HDTV)
Audio formatDolby Digital
Original releaseMarch 2019 (2019-03)

My Fellow Citizens[3] (Hangul국민 여러분; RRGungmin Yeoreobun; lit. Fellow Citizens) is an upcoming South Korean television series starring Choi Si-won, Lee Yoo-young and Kim Min-jung. It is set to premiere in March 2019 on KBS2.[4][5]


A con man, who gets involved with unexpected incidents, marries a police officer and somehow ends up running to become a member of the National Assembly.[1]



A skilled fraudster who is the third-generation of a family of con artists. He gets involved with a loan shark in order to earn big sum of money for his marriage, only to get scammed by his ex-girlfriend who runs off with the marriage funds.[6][7]
A police detective who catches her ex-boyfriend cheating on her, but fatefully meets Jung-kook. The two become close and soon begin dating. She chooses to lie about her job to keep their relationship and finally decides to confess her true life to Jung-kook on their wedding day.[8][9]
Fourth daughter of Park Sang-pil, a notorious loan shark, who trains to become his successor. Her father collapses after being a victim of a mysterious stranger's schemes. After her father's death, she inherits and successfully expands their business. She also tracks down the person who conned her father—Jung-kook. But instead of revenge, she offers to save his life as long as he runs for a seat in the National Assembly.[8][9]


A political newcomer who is involved with Mi-young in the past.[2]
A veteran politician who is a member of the National Assembly.[2]
  • Im Ji-hyun as Yoo Hee-jin
Jung-kook's ex-girlfriend.[10]
Sang-jin's former university colleague and current policy adviser.[11]
  • Heo Jae-ho as Choi Pil-joo
Hoo-ja's right-hand man.[12]


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