My First Alphabet

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My First Alphabet
My 1st alphabet.png
Developer(s)Fernando Herrera
Publisher(s)Atari Program Exchange
Designer(s)Fernando Herrera
Platform(s)Atari 8-bit
Genre(s)Educational game
Mode(s)Single player

My First Alphabet is an educational for the Atari 8-bit family of home computers. It was programmed by Fernando Herrera and published by the Atari Program Exchange in 1981.

Herrera's son, Steve, was born with severe cataracts and was pronounced blind by medical specialists. Refusing to place his son in remedial classes, Herrera wrote a program to help his son learn the alphabet. After several months, his son made rapid progress, overcoming his handicap. The program later evolved into My First Alphabet.

When Atari began recognizing the top APX submissions in 1981, My First Alphabet was the first Atari Star Award winner, including a $25,000 prize. Herrera used the money to found First Star Software. Herrerra wrote First Star's initial title, Astro Chase (1982) as well as Bristles (1983). First Star was the maker of Boulder Dash (1984) and Spy vs. Spy (1984).

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