My First Romance

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My First Romance
My First Romance Movie.jpg
DVD Cover
Directed by John D. Lazatin (One Love)
Don Cuaresma (Two Hearts)
Written by Tessa De Guzman
Ted Boborol
Mel Mendoza-del Rosario
Starring John Lloyd Cruz
Bea Alonzo
John Prats
Heart Evangelista
Release date
  • October 29, 2003 (2003-10-29)
Running time
117 minutes
Country Philippines
Language English
Box office P94.6 million

My First Romance is a 2003 romance film starring John Lloyd Cruz, Bea Alonzo, John Prats and Heart Evangelista. The movie did well in the box office with P94.6 million gross revenue.

It has two stories, the first is called One Love starring John and Heart, the second is called Two hearts starring John Lloyd and Bea.

The tagline for the movie is: "Two love stories in one movie that will make you fall in-love like it's the first time!!!"


One Love[edit]

One Love is about two people who fall in love with each other even if they have two different worlds. Here, Jackie (Heart Evangelista) is the campus queen, rich, beautiful and is liked by everyone except Che (John Prats), who thinks that Jackie is just a shallow brat. After being forced to work together for school activities, Jackie made it a personal goal for Che to like her. Despite herself, she tries everything to please Che until she almost gives up hope. But with the presence of Jackie's Ate Glow, their personal belongings get mixed up. Because of this, both will discover the softer side of each other and their growing affections on the side, the two will eventually fall in love amidst the chaotic events that almost threatened their relationship.

Two Hearts[edit]

Two Hearts is the second episode in My First Romance starring John Lloyd and Bea. Enzo (John Lloyd Cruz) is star soccer player at school who loves the attention that he gets. However, he takes many things for granted but changes when he gets a heart problem and doctors say that only a heart transplant can save his life. Enzo gets a heart transplant after finding out that a guy who met an accident is a heart donor. This guy is the ex-boyfriend of Bianca (Bea Alonzo) who went to the States. Two years after the transplant, Enzo comes back to the Philippines and meets Bianca. She sees that Enzo and her ex-boyfriend are opposites but gives him a chance. After seeing the real Enzo, she appreciates him more and they slowly fall in love with each other but she still couldn't move on from her ex-boyfriend. Until a near death experience for Enzo changes her heart completely.

Theme song[edit]

The theme song, Please Be Careful With My Heart was originally performed by Jose Mari Chan and Regine Velasquez-Alcasid. It was later used in Your Song's My Last Romance and in the 2012 morning teleserye Be Careful With My Heart.

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