My Friends Told Me About You

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My Friends Told Me About You
Directed by Daniel Ryan
Produced by Carlos Dengler
Todd Eckert
Lara Khajetoorians Larkin
Written by Carlos Dengler
Daniel Ryan
Starring Carlos Dengler
Risa Sarachan
Frederic Stone
Music by Carlos Dengler
Cinematography Daniel Ryan
Edited by Daniel Ryan
Josh Diamond
Release dates
February 2008
Running time
Country United States
Language English

My Friends Told Me About You is a short film written, produced, and scored by lead actor Carlos Dengler who is the former bassist of the band Interpol. It is co-written and directed by Daniel Ryan[1] and co-produced by Todd Eckert of award-winning Joy Division biopic, Control. The cast also includes Risa Sarachan as Belle and Fredric Stone as Stanley.[2] The film was shot on digital video tape, in and around the Chicago area during 2007 and 2008.[3][4] Its narrative employs non-linear, surrealistic techniques influenced by Mulholland Drive, Buffalo 66, and The Limey. The film is included on the DVD magazine Wholphin No. 8.[5]


My Friends Told Me About You charts the journey of a man at the beginning of a downward spiral. Paranoia, confusion, and anger start to color all that he knows to be true and as reality blurs with his subconscious fears, an alternate world propelled by violence and mistrust begins to take over. As sonic as it is visual, Dengler also composed the original score for My Friends Told Me About You in collaboration with acclaimed English clarinetist Ian Mitchell.[6]


Carlos Dengler composed the original score for the film which includes the contribution of English clarinetist Ian Mitchell.[7]


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