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My Fur Lady is a satirical musical theatre production, first staged in Canada in the 1950s. Directed by Brian Macdonald, it was premiered in Montreal on February 7, 1957, by McGill University students.[1] A revue, it tells the story of Princess Aurora Borealis (the contralto Ann Golden) of "Mukluko" ("near" Baffin Island) who is searching for a husband, to help keep her country independent from Canada. The music combined elements of 1940s tunes, the contemporary 1950s rock and roll era and a degree of jazz, while the lyrics reflected the political events of the times.[1]

It was co-written and produced by James de Beaujeu Domville,[2] Timothy Porteous, Donald MacSween, Galt MacDermot, Harry Garber and Roy Wolvin.[1] Later in 1957 the production played at the Stratford Festival, and toured Canada during the rest of the year and into 1958.[3] 402 performances were given, across 82 locations.[1] An original cast recording was made in June 1957.[1]

James Domville, producer, was 25 years later head of the National Film Board, Brian MacDonald was choreographer of Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, Timothy Porteous was chairman of the Canada Council, James Hugessen, male lead, was Associate Chief Justice of the Quebec Superior Court and librettist Donald MacSween was director of the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. [4]


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