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My Fur Lady is a satirical musical theatre production, first staged in Canada in the 1950s. Directed by Brian Macdonald, it was premiered in Montreal on February 7, 1957, by McGill University students.[1] A revue, it tells the story of Princess Aurora Borealis (the contralto Ann Golden) of "Mukluko" ("near" Baffin Island) who is searching for a husband, to help keep her country independent from Canada. The music combined elements of 1940s tunes, the contemporary 1950s rock and roll era and a degree of jazz, while the lyrics reflected the political events of the times.[1]

It was co-written and produced by James de Beaujeu Domville,[2] Timothy Porteous, Donald MacSween, Galt MacDermot, Harry Garber and Roy Wolvin.[1] Later in 1957 the production played at the Stratford Festival, and toured Canada during the rest of the year and into 1958.[3] 402 performances were given, across 82 locations.[1]

An original cast recording was made in June 1957.[1]


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