My Goldfish Is Evil

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My Goldfish Is Evil
Created by Nicolas J. Boisvert
Starring Stephane Blanchette
Sonja Ball
Jane Wheeler
Country of origin Canada
No. of episodes 26
Producer(s) CBC Television
Running time 24 minutes
Distributor Cyber Group Studios
Original network CBC Television
Original release 2006 – 2008

My Goldfish is Evil is a Canadian animated television series that was created by Nicolas J. Boisvert. The series was produced by Ghislain Cyr and Steven Majaury. It was first shown on CBC Television.

The series made its British premiere on CITV on 1 September 2008. From 16 February 2009 onwards, it was moved back to an afternoon time slot on weekdays, broadcasting then new episodes.


The series follows the adventures of Beanie, and his pet goldfish, Admiral Bubbles. The superintelligent anthropomorphic goldfish has dreams of bringing a reign of terror on the city and of world domination. Frequently, he escapes from his bowl in his attempts at mischief. With Beanie's mother always failing to believe him, Beanie must save the world himself.[1]



  • Stephane Blanchette as Admiral Bubbles
  • Sonja Ball as Beanie
  • Jane Wheeler as Beanie's mother


  • Alyson Wener as Nia, Beanie's love interest
  • Bruce Dinsmore as Elwood, one of Beanie's friends
  • Sonja Ball as Nanna, Beanie's maternal grandmother
  • Sonja Ball as Standford, another of Beanie's friends
  • Lucinda Davis as Desmona, friend of Nia and "frenemy" of Beanie, Elwood and Standford
  • Susan Glover as Miss Dalee, Beanie's schoolteacher
  • Bruce Dinsmore as Principal Block, Beanie's school principal

Minor and guest[edit]


The complete series was released on DVD in English and French by Imavision in Canada.

Name Release Date Episodes Region Additional Information
My Goldfish Is Evil Season 1 9 September 2008 (2008-09-09)[2] 13 1 English version
My Goldfish Is Evil Season 2 29 September 2009 (2009-09-29)[3] 13 1 English version
Mon PoiSon Rouge Saison 1 29 September 2009 (2009-09-29)[4] 13 1 French version
Mon PoiSon Rouge Saison 2 29 September 2009 (2009-09-29)[5] 13 1 French version


In 2012, Cyber Group Studios acquired the rights in the TV series, which they now distribute.


Season 1

  1. "The Monstro-Crane Of Doom"
  2. "The Army Of Sea Dudes"
  3. "School Trip To Aquaworld!"
  4. "Space Command, We Have a Goldfish"
  5. "Show And Tell"
  6. "Sweetheart's Dance"
  7. "The Ice Roaches Cometh"
  8. "Sewer Adventure"
  9. "Goldfish Teriyaki"
  10. "Rescued"
  11. "Stinker!"
  12. "Forgetful Fish!"
  13. "Icing On The Cake!"

Season 2

  1. "Secret Terractor"
  2. "Lights, Camera, Goldfish!"
  3. "Ghostfish"
  4. "The Great Outdoors"
  5. "A Schoolplay Named Disaster"
  6. "Grade A Goldfish"
  7. "Scoop Gets Scooped"
  8. "Derailed"
  9. "Basketboom"
  10. "Fishy-Pox Pandemonium"
  11. "Creature From The Black Fishbowl"
  12. "20,000 Leagues Under The Fishbowl"
  13. "Jetstream Adventure"


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