My Hero (series 3)

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My Hero Series 3
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 10
Original network BBC1
Original release 7 June –
23 August 2002
Season chronology
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The third series of British television comedy My Hero ran from 7 June 2002 to 23 August 2002. The series featured ten episodes, and the entire main cast reprised their characters from series two. The series was broadcast on BBC1, and was again overseen by series creator Paul Mendelson. The series was released on VHS and DVD in the United Kingdom on 7 October 2002 in Region 2 format. The VHS was as a double box, whereas the DVD version was 2 separate volumes each containing 5 episodes. On 14 May 2012, The Complete Third Series was released as a double pack, becoming the first series of the show to ever be released on DVD.


# Title Writer(s) Director Original air date Code
1 "Baby Talk" Paul Mayhew-Archer, Paul Mendelson John Stroud 7 June 2002 (2002-06-07) ICEB783X
George and Janet are struggling to cope after the birth of their first child, Ollie. And to make matters worse, George is teaching him to sniff out tidal waves and forest fires. Janet's parents are also due for a visit, to meet their first grandchild, so how will they keep the secret from them? Meanwhile, Tyler attempts to teach Ollie about his version of the Solar System - but Ollie is already intelligent enough to know that Tyler's tales are nothing by fantasy, rather than fact. As George and Janet battle with Ella and Stanley over the raising of their child, Ollie escapes.
2 "Zero Tolerance" Paul Mayhew-Archer, Paul Mendelson John Stroud 14 June 2002 (2002-06-14) ICEB784R
Life at the health centre takes an unexpected turn when a gun-wielding maniac shows up, demanding access to the drug cabinet. Mrs. Raven isn't given the chance to deal with this addict, as George enters to save the day, and doesn't even have to call on Thermoman to do so. Soon, George becomes known as the local hero, rather than a superhero. He is being celebrated all over town, and is even asked to join the local neighborhood watch scheme by Janet's father, Stanley. Will his new-found popularity with his in-laws last?
3 "Pet Rescue" Paul Mayhew-Archer John Stroud 21 June 2002 (2002-06-21) ICEB785K
Janet's parents, Ella and Stanley, have the decorators in to redecorate their living room, so Janet offers to watch their dog, Biggles, something that George isn't too thrilled about. But George is committed to bonding with Biggles, so he buys an ear-piece from Ultron which allows him to talk to animals. George discovers that Biggles, whose real name is Malcolm, dislikes Ella and Stanley - and he also explains the other reason as to why dogs sniff bottoms. Thus, Thermoman goes on a mission to reunite Biggles with his mum - and rescue him from a one-way trip to the vet.
4 "The Older Man" Paul Mayhew-Archer, Paul Mendelson John Stroud 28 June 2002 (2002-06-28) ICEB786E
It's George's 327th birthday, and on his home planet, he's a mere spring chicken. However, the lease on his earthly alias begins to expire, and he starts to age rapidly. In a state of desperation, George resorts to extreme measures in a bid to turn back the clock, including using time-bending tunnels to try to regress his age. Eventually, however, he is forced to get a new body from the Ultron council. Meanwhile, Piers hires a new nurse at the health centre, Hayley, but her lack of knowledge about medicine, and attempts to make the centre more youth-orientated with music posters fail to impress.
5 "Puttin' on the Writs" Paul Alexander, Simon Braithwaite John Stroud 5 July 2002 (2002-07-05) ICEB787Y
Mrs. Raven has a run-in with a stack of wayward trolleys at the supermarket, and is pushed over the edge of a multi-story building. Once again, it's Thermoman to the rescue. But when he refuses Mrs Raven's kind offer of Battenberg cake in return for saving her life, retribution is swift - she claims to have been badly injured in his 'rescue attempt' and threatens to sue him. Meanwhile, Janet's father, Stanley, has had enough of Ella's nagging and has decided to move in with Tyler. It appears to be a perfect arrangement, but Ella misses the old fool. Will that be enough to make her apologize for the first time?
6 "Shock, Horror!" Paul Alexander, Paul Mendelson, Paul Mayhew-Archer John Stroud 12 July 2002 (2002-07-12) ICEB789L
Baby Ollie has a fever, so George has to turn his attention away from saving the world to come home and check on his son. All of the dashing about begins to turn George a little bit careless, and before long, a journalist called Kevin Trent takes advantage of the situation, and takes a picture of George as Thermoman, believing that Janet is having an affair with Thermoman. Meanwhile, Mrs. Raven keeps falling asleep at work, because the triplets are suffering from insomnia. In a desperate attempt to get some rest, she plans to build a shed in her garden so she can lock them up when it gets too much. The problem is, that the shed costs money, and she needs a reference from Piers for a part-time job.
7 "Little Green Man" Ian Brown, James Hendrie John Stroud 2 August 2002 (2002-08-02) ICEB788S
Janet thinks George is taking her for granted after he catches her in a compromising position with the handyman, and appears not to be bothered by the issue. Thus, Mrs. Raven advises Janet that she needs to work harder at making George jealous. But it turns out that all Janet needs to do is share a bit of Arnie's carrot cake - part of the wedding rituals on another planet, and George is beside himself. He literally turns green with envy, and now even Mrs. Raven thinks Arnie has been unfaithful to her.
8 "Mine's a Double" Paul Alexander, Simon Braithwaite John Stroud 9 August 2002 (2002-08-09) ICEB791A
George has to attend a superheroes conference, which means leaving Janet home alone with the baby. The Ultron Council provides Janet with "George clone", with the unlikely name of Hilary, to keep her company. While Hilary looks like the real thing, his character couldn't be more different. Hilary talks and dresses like a gangsta rapper, and is given to nights out on the town with Piers and, oddly enough, romantic dinners with Ella. Suspicious of Hilary's actions and behaviour and embarrassment towards Janet, George has Arnie to check up on him while he writes a report on him, but Hilary, hearing this, subsequently frames George for theft.
9 "A Little Learning" Paul Mayhew-Archer, Paul Mendelson John Stroud 16 August 2002 (2002-08-16) ICEB790F
George is devastated when Ella and Stanley ban him from their anniversary party. Quite reasonably, they don't want him embarrassing them in front of their friends with his stupidity. Admittedly, George's attempts to make new friends—via the calling cards he finds in telephone booths — backfire somewhat, but when he eats some magic pork scratchings, which increase his brain power, miraculous effects occur. Suddenly George is an intellectual genius, and can charm the birds off the trees—so much so that not only do Ella and Stanley invite him to their party, they ask him to make a speech. For Janet, however, the new thoughtful George is insufferable, constantly correcting grammar and acting too superior to her.
10 "A Day to Remember" Paul Mayhew-Archer, Paul Mendelson John Stroud 23 August 2002 (2002-08-23) ICEB792T
It's a bad day for Earth when George accidentally erases his own memory, and fails to remember that he is Thermoman. For Janet, however, it is a dream come true. George is now the model husband, who volunteers to change nappies and takes the baby for walks in the park. However, their new domestic bliss isn't set to last. A meteor is headed straight for Earth, and in twenty-four hours, all life will be obliterated. It's up to Arnie, Janet and Tyler to retrain George to use his powers to prevent disaster. But it is a frantic race against time — will Thermoman return to save the Earth?