My Hero (series 1)

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My Hero Series 1
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 7
Original network BBC1
Original release 4 February –
22 December 2000
Season chronology
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The first series of British television comedy My Hero ran from 4 February 2000, to 22 December 2000. The series featured seven episodes, and introduced the main cast of George Sunday, Janet Dawkins, Piers Crispin, Tyler, Mrs. Raven, Arnie, Ella Dawkins, Stanley Dawkins and Avril. The series was broadcast on BBC1, and was overseen by series creator Paul Mendelson. The series was released on DVD in the United States on 26 January 2007 in Region 1 format.


# Title Writer(s) Director First broadcast Code
1 "My Hero" Paul Mayhew-Archer, Paul Mendelson John Stroud 4 February 2000 (2000-02-04) IPEA144D
Northolt nurse Janet Dawkins attempts to return to a bit of normality after being rescued by Thermoman, after falling into the Grand Canyon when a nasty gust of wind caught her off guard. However, when hypochondriac Irishman George Sunday drops into the health centre, little does she know that he is in fact her saviour. Unconvinced that he is who he says he is, Janet asks George to prove his identity, which he does so by completing a variety of various superhero acts. But will he bag the girl? And is Janet prepared to go out with a superhero?
2 "Guess Who's Coming to Lunch" Paul Mayhew-Archer, Paul Mendelson John Stroud 11 February 2000 (2000-02-11) IPEA145X
Janet invites George to move in with her, despite not receiving the blessing of her mother and father, Ella and Stanley. Meanwhile, as Janet prepares to cook the family Sunday lunch, Thermoman is called away to a natural disaster, leaving his chance meeting with Janet's parents hanging in the balance. Meanwhile, Janet's colleagues at the health centre are puzzled as to why she is attracted to the peculiar Irishman, and Piers concocts a plan to attempt to nab Janet for himself. But will she see through his disguise?
3 "Mission Impossible" Paul Mayhew-Archer, Paul Mendelson John Stroud 18 February 2000 (2000-02-18) IPEA146R
Thermoman's rescue mission to save Grimsby from being destroyed by an abandoned Russian space station is hampered by an accident involving Marmite. Janet offers to wash his costume, but it only results in George suffering an allergic reaction to the washing powder. When he goes for a medical examination, Piers discovers his real identity - and blackmails George into leaving Janet if he wishes to keep his identity secret. However, before he can do so, George erases his memory - and unfortunately, it also results in the doctor's hair falling out.
4 "Thermoman's Greatest Challenge" Paul Mayhew-Archer John Stroud 25 February 2000 (2000-02-25) IPEA147K
Patients and Staff at the health centre begin to get suspicious when Thermoman makes a number of repeated visits to save Janet from the smallest of things, including a wasp sting and a large spider. Piers believes that has made a new celebrity friend, and invites Thermoman to be guest of honour at the fund-raising party he has organized, to boost his own public image. Janet's parents insist that both George and Janet attend the party, so that George can personally thank Thermoman for saving Janet from falling into the Grand Canyon. However, it's not quite as easy as that.
5 "Old Man Riverdance" Paul Mayhew-Archer John Stroud 3 March 2000 (2000-03-03) IPEA148E
George is surprised when he receives a visit from his father, Seamus, the original Thermoman, who now resides in a nursing home for retired superheroes in Florida. However, he soon discovers that all is not as clear as it is made out to be - Seamus is unhappy that his son is cohabiting with an Earth girl, and that it is interfering with his work. Having given the couple two days to try and prove him wrong, Janet hatches a plan - Seamus has to meet her parents. But is her plan enough to keep her relationship with Thermoman safe?
6 "The Party's Over" Paul Mayhew-Archer John Stroud 10 March 2000 (2000-03-10) IPEA149Y
George plans a surprise birthday party for Janet's 30th birthday, which proves to be a slightly confusing concept for the superhero - and he struggles to keep the party a secret. Meanwhile, Janet begins to enjoy spending time with George's cousin Arnie, Tyler attempts to chat up Mrs. Raven, and Piers hires a girl from the TV studio to be his date, however, claiming that the night out is part of his next television project - but little does she know that the firesome doctor has a couple of tricks up his sleeve.
7 "Christmas" Paul Mayhew-Archer, Paul Mendelson John Stroud 22 December 2000 (2000-12-22) IPEA340E
Thermoman tries to get into the spirit of Christmas by dressing up as Santa Claus, and delivering presents to his nearest and dearest - Janet's parents, Stanley and Ella, Mrs. Raven, Piers, Arnie and Tyler. However, his special treat fails to go as well as planned, as his recipients begin to suspect a trickster is at work. In an attempt to rectify a miserable Christmas dinner, George persuades the real Father Christmas to visit, and give everybody a special present. Piers, however, is skeptical - and thinking it is a joke, asks for a jigsaw puzzle. Little does he know...