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My Home (Czech: Můj domov, předehra ke hře F. F. Šamberka), Op. 62, B. 125a, is an overture in C major by Czech composer Antonín Dvořák.[1] He wrote this symphonic poem between December 1881 and January 23 of the next year as one of nine numbers comprising incidental music for the play Josef Kajetán Tyl by František Ferdinand Šamberk, but it is usually performed alone as a concert work of about ten minutes.[2]

The score’s sonata form develops two song-themes associated with the drama’s titular protagonist, himself a Czech playwright: Kde domov můj by František Škroup and the folktune Na tom našem dvoře.[2] Škroup composed Kde domov můj (Where my home is) in 1834 to a text by Tyl; it soon became popular and eventually became the Czech national anthem. Na tom našem dvoře was customarily sung in productions of Strakonický dudák (The Bagpiper of Strakonice), one of Tyl's most popular plays.[3]

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