My Letter to George

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My Letter to George
Film Poster for Mesmerized.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Michael Laughlin
Produced by Antony I. Ginnane
Written by Michael Laughlin
Based on story by Jerzy Skolimowski
Starring Jodie Foster
John Lithgow
Michael Murphy
Orinward Limited-Camperdown Produductions
Distributed by Thorn EMI (video)
Release dates
1986 (video)
Running time
97 mins
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Budget $4.2 million[1]

My Letter to George (aka Mesmerized and Shocked) is a 1986 drama film directed by Michael Laughlin and starring Jodie Foster, John Lithgow and Michael Murphy.[2][3]

It was a co-production between Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and USA with RKO Pictures. The movie was released and re-released under two other titles: Mesmerized and Shocked.


An orphaned New Zealand girl marries a wealthy and much older businessmen, but strains soon begin to develop between them, causing great emotional and physical toil on them, as well as those around them, from family to servants, and business and trade associates and clientele.



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