My Little Lover

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My Little Lover
Genres Pop, rock
Years active 1995 (1995)–present
Labels Toy's Factory, Avex Trax, Oorong Records
Members Akko
Past members Kenji Fujī (1995-2002)
Takeshi Kobayashi (1995-2006)

My Little Lover is a Japanese pop group belonging to the Avex Trax label as of the single "Ribon" (り・ぼん?) and the album Akko. Previous releases were under Toy's Factory. The group has had several members, but currently only Akko (Akiko Kobayashi 小林亜希子, born Akamatsu 赤松) the vocalist, remains.

The founding members were Akko (vocals) and Kenji Fujī (藤井謙二 Fujī Kenji?) (guitar), later joined by producer/songwriter Takeshi Kobayashi (小林武史 Kobayashi Takeshi?) (keyboard) when they released their first album, Evergreen. (The lyricist KATE on their early singles stands for "Kenji, Akko, and Takeshi Ensemble".) Akko and Kobayashi married in 1996, but divorced in 2008 when Kobayashi's affair with Yo Hitoto was made public. Fujii retired from the group in 2002.



  1. 1995: "Man & Woman/My Painting"
  2. 1995: "Shiroi Kaito" (白いカイト?, "White Kite")
  3. 1995: "Hello, Again (Mukashi Kara Aru Basho)"
  4. 1996: "Alice"
  5. 1996: "Now and Then (Ushinawareta Toki o Motomete)" (NOW AND THEN ~失われた時を求めて~?, "Seeking Lost Time")
  6. 1996: "Yes (Free Flower)"
  7. 1997: "Animal Life"
  8. 1997: "Shuffle"
  9. 1997: "Private Eyes"
  10. 1998: "Sora no Shita de" (空の下で?, "Under the Sky")
  11. 1998: "Destiny"
  12. 1998: "Crazy Love/Days"
  13. 2001: "Shooting Star" (shooting star ~シューティングスター~ Shūtingu Sutā?)
  14. 2001: "Higasa (Japanese Beauty)" (日傘 ~Japanese beauty~?, "Parasol")
  15. 2002: "Survival"
  16. 2004: "Kaze to Sora no Kilim" (風と空のキリム?, "A Kilim of Wind and Sky")
  17. 2006: "Ribbon" (り・ぼん Ri Bon?)
  18. 2007: "Afureru" (あふれる?, "Overflowing")
  19. 2007: "Dreamy Success"
  20. 2008: "Labyrinth" (ラビリンス Rabirinsu?)
  21. 2008: "Initial" (イニシャル Inisharu?)
  22. 2009: "Oto no Nai Sekai/Toki no Bell" (音のない世界/時のベル?, "Soundless World/Bell of Time")
  23. 2009: "Blue Sky"

Video & DVD[edit]

  1. 1998: Sign of Thursday
  2. 2001: Clips

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