My Little Pony: Rainbow Roadtrip

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My Little Pony: Rainbow Roadtrip
My Little Pony Rainbow Roadtrip title card.png
Title card
Also known asRainbow Road Trip
Created byHasbro
Based onMy Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
by Lauren Faust
Written byKim Beyer-Johnson
Directed byGillian Comerford
Country of origin
  • United States
  • Ireland
Original language(s)English
Executive producer(s)
  • Eliza Hart
  • Peter Lewis
  • Therese Trujillo
  • Leslie Wishnevski
  • Kevin O'Brien
  • Kimberly Cassano
  • Bradford Keatts
  • Nick Lennox
  • Aoife Maguire
  • Robbie O'Farrell
  • Priane Valerie Valoria
Running time60 minutes
Production company(s)
Original networkDiscovery Family
Original releaseJune 29, 2019 (2019-06-29)

My Little Pony: Rainbow Roadtrip is a 2019 IrishAmerican one-hour television special based on the animated television series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Unlike Friendship Is Magic, it was not produced by DHX Studios Vancouver, instead by Boulder Media Limited in Ireland.[1]

The special aired on Discovery Family on June 29, 2019.


Rainbow Dash receives an invitation to be the guest of honor at the Rainbow Festival in the town of Hope Hollow. She and her friends set out by balloon, enticed by the descriptions of the events to be held, but collide with a giant rainbow billboard set up at the edge of town. Although both it and the balloon are badly damaged, the Mane Six are unhurt by the crash. Going into the town, they meet Petunia Petals, who puts them up for the night in the single, dilapidated room at the hotel she runs, but they notice Petunias' body is very gray.

The next morning, the Mane Six find Hope Hollow and its residents to be devoid of color. Sunny Skies, the mayor of Hope Hollow, introduces himself to the group and takes them on a tour of the town. However, the preparations for the Festival are either meager or nonexistent, and he eventually admits that it has not been held for years due to the general atmosphere of apathy that has taken hold. Sunny's grandfather had set up the Festival as a way to celebrate the town, and he built a device called the Rainbow Generator to fill the sky with color as part of it. By the time Sunny became mayor, though, the community spirit had started to fade; he believed that upgrading and supercharging the Generator would renew it. When he tried it at the next Festival, it malfunctioned and all the color drained out of the town.

The Mane Six split up and begin working to bring back the Festival. Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie meet the Hoofingtons, talented bakers who are hampered by their inability to tell ripe fruit from unripe due to the lost color. Their neighbor, Moody Root, is a skilled grower, but the two sides have kept to themselves for years. Once they get the neighbors start talking, Moody quickly warms up to the Hoofingtons and offers to let them use his fruit in exchange for a share of the pies they bake. Applejack works with Torque Wrench, the local repair pony, to fix the broken billboard after seeing her success in mending the balloon. Rainbow Dash mentors Barley and Pickle Barrel, two pegasus foal siblings who try to emulate her moves (and are the only members of their Rainbow Dash fan club) but keep failing due to their inexperience with stunt flying. Rarity encounters Kerfuffle, an aspiring fashion designer whose lack of confidence keeps her from showing off her own creations. Unseen by any of them, color begins to manifest in small spots all over town.

Twilight Sparkle, meanwhile, investigates ways to bring the color back to Hope Hollow. After both her spell and a Sonic Rainboom by Rainbow Dash yield no results, she begins researching in the town library. Petunia shows her the remains of the broken Generator, and Torque is able to repair it; however, it still fails to reverse the color loss even when boosted by Twilight's magic. When Applejack finds and shows her proof of the returning color, Twilight realizes the Generator was not at fault. She figures out the town's fading hopeful spirit had caused the color to disappear, and had already started before the Generator broke down. By working to revive the Festival, she and her friends have been bringing back that hope.

The Festival begins anew, with the Hoofingtons selling pies, Kerfuffle selling fashion accessories, Rainbow Dash leading Barley and Pickle in an airshow for entertainment, and Petunia even accepts Sunny's proposal of marriage in front of a cheering crowd. Color and community spirit return to Hope Hollow and its residents, and the Mane Six depart for Ponyville with the town's gratitude.

Voice cast[edit]


A toyline collection pack tie-in, titled "Rainbow Tail Surprise", was announced at the 2019 Toy Fair in New York. This pack will be available sometime in the third quarter of 2019.[2]

Multiple books based on the special will be released, including a "Passport to Reading" Level 2 My Little Pony: Road Trip Event reader on June 25, 2019.[3] In the United Kingdom, My Little Pony Annual 2020 is set for an August 8 release[4] and My Little Pony: Essential Handbook: A Magical Guide for Everypony on September 5.[5]


Rainbow Roadtrip received a private screening at the Odeon Cinema theater on May 23, 2019 and premiered on June 29, 2019 on Discovery Family. It will also premiere on Netflix at a later date.[6]


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