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My Louisiana Sky is a 1998 novel by Kimberly Willis Holt. It was named an ALA Notable Book and an ALA Top Ten Best Books for Young Adults. It also received a Boston Globe Horn Book Award.

Plot summary[edit]

The novel is set in 1957, in the small town of Saitter, Louisiana, where twelve-year-old Tiger Ann Parker lives with her mentally challenged parents. She tries to get the popular girl in her class, Abby Lynn Anders, to like her but fails because of one of her mother's childish outbursts. Because of this Tiger isn't invited to Abby Lynn's pool party. Her best friend, Jesse Wade Thompson, tries to comfort her and kisses her. Startled, she rejects him and runs home.

When her beloved grandmother suddenly dies, Tiger faces the choice of either staying with her parents or moving in with her rich, glamorous Aunt Dorie Kay in Baton Rouge.


Saitter is based on the author's hometown of Forest Hill, Louisiana.

Film adaptation[edit]

In 2001, Showtime produced a successful film adaptation of My Louisiana Sky, starring Kelsey Keel as Tiger Ann Parker, Amelia Campbell as Corinna Ramsey Parker, Chris Owens as Lonnie Parker, Michael Cera as Jesse Wade, Shirley Knight as grandmother, and Juliette Lewis as Aunt Dorie Kay. The film was adapted by Anna Sandor and directed by Adam Arkin.

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