My Machine

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My Machine
My Machine.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedUnited Kingdom September 6, 2005
United States September 12, 2005
Germany September 13, 2005
GenreHip-Hop, Electronica
LabelStudio !K7
Princess Superstar chronology
Princess Superstar Is
My Machine
The Best of Princess Superstar
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3/5 stars link
PopMatters8/10 link

My Machine is Princess Superstar's fifth LP. It is produced by herself as well as well-known producers such as house music pioneer Todd Terry, DJ Mighty Mi from the High and Mighty, Jacques Lu Cont, Junior Sanchez, and pioneering hip hop/electro producer Arthur Baker.

Other producers include Armand van Helden, Loose Cannons & Jon Plateau Selvig, Malito "Maleet", Alexander Technique, Mr. Nô, Boris Dlugosch, Bryan Black, Johnny Toobad, Eddie Cooper, Motor, and Chris Rubix. Not surprisingly, the album is more electronica-oriented, although there are also some hip hop tracks without electronica influences on the album.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Intro Via The TelePATH"
  2. "I Like It A Lot"
  3. "The Classroom"
  4. "Famous"
  5. "Dolly's Duplicants"
  6. "On Top Bubble"
  7. "The Mysterious Hanger"
  8. "Bad Girls N.Y.C"
  9. "10,000 Hits"
  10. "Quitting Smoking Song"
  11. "Sex, Drugs & Drugs"
  12. "Initially"
  13. "I'm So Out Of Control"
  14. "Coochie Coo"
  15. "World Council Entertainment Dicktatorship"
  16. "Perfect"
  17. "What Do You Want?"
  18. "Push, Make It Work"
  19. "What You Gonna Do?"
  20. "My Machine"
  21. "The Death Of The Superstar"
  22. "Artery"
  23. "The Great Brain Revolution"
  24. "The Happy"
  25. "The End"
  26. (iTunes exclusive track) My Machine (Tommy Sunshine's Brooklyn Fire Retouch)

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