My Mercury Mouth E.P

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My Mercury Mouth E.P
My Mercury Mouth.jpg
EP by The Dust Brothers
Released 1994
Length 17:56
Label Junior Boys Own
Producer The Dust Brothers
The Dust Brothers chronology
Fourteenth Century Sky
My Mercury Mouth EP
"Leave Home"

My Mercury Mouth E.P is an extended play (EP) by English big beat duo The Chemical Brothers, and their final release under the name The Dust Brothers. The EP contains two new songs, "My Mercury Mouth" and "Dust-Up-Beats", as well as the B-side "If You Kling To Me I'll Klong You", later released on the Japan "Leave Home" single, "Life Is Sweet" CD2 single, and Singles 93–03 releases.

The first pressings of this release featured a different song in place of Dust-Up-Beats of the same name. After about 50 copies were made, the track was replaced with the official version.

Another EP, Fourteenth Century Sky, is often believed to have been released on the same day. In fact, in came earlier in the year.

This marks the first appearance of the song "If You Kling to Me I'll Klong You", which is also known for having an extended title ("If You Kling to Me I'll Klong to You"), where only a "to" was added.

The title song is the only A-side by The Chemical Brothers not to be released on a Chemical Brothers CD. Some people mistake this for never being released on CD, though it appeared on the 2-CD album JCB Perspecitve 88–98.

Track listings[edit]

All tracks written by The Dust Brothers.

Side one
No. Title Length
1. "My Mercury Mouth" 5:53
2. "If You Kling To Me I'll Klong To You" 5:23
Side two
No. Title Length
3. "Dust-Up-Beats" 6:50

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