My Mighty Princess

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My Mighty Princess
My Mighty Princess film poster.jpg
Theatrical poster
Revised RomanizationMulim yeodaesaeng
McCune–ReischauerMurim yŏtaesaeng
Directed byKwak Jae-yong
Produced byAhn Ho-wan
Ji Yong-jun
Written byShinho Lee
Kwak Jae-yong
StarringShin Min-a
On Joo-wan
Yoo Gun
Music byChoi Seung-hyun
CinematographyChin Ting-chang
Edited byKim Sang-bum
Kim Jae-bum
Distributed byPrime Entertainment
Release date
  • 26 June 2008 (2008-06-26)
Running time
122 minutes
CountrySouth Korea
Box officeUS$162,256[1]

My Mighty Princess (Hangul무림여대생; RRMulim Yeodaesaeng; lit. The impossible female student) is a 2008 South Korean film directed by Kwak Jae-yong.


Kang So-Hwi is a college student and martial artist who posesses super-human strength and supernatural agility that drive others away from her. Later, an incident undermines her chance to talk to Jun-mo, the boy she loves. She gives up studying martial arts. She joins an ice hockey club where Jun-mo plays. She tries to get his attention, and Jun-mo ends up unwillingly riding with her on his motorbike.

The pair come to a police station, where Jun-mo regularly visits a female officer. The officer is around his mother's age, and is unwilling to return his affection, but Jun-mo persistently confesses his love to her. He follows the officer on her patrols on his motorbike. So-hwi hopes that Jun-mo may eventually return her feelings.

So-hwi's fighting skills diminish, leading her father to urge her to practice. He wants her to learn her mother's magic sword powers. So-hwi refuses. Her father reaches out to Ilyoung, the son of his friend, and asks him to convince So-hwi to continue martial arts. Ilyoung is her lifelong friend and trained alongside her as a child. He waits for her after her classes. So-hwi jokingly rejects his attention while secretly grateful.

Jun-mo gets into a street fight. So-hwi and Ilyoung save him using their superpowers. So-hwi tells Ilyoung of a frequent dream, however the ream was instead a forgotten memory.

Ilyoung grows so powerful that only So-hwi can beat him. At that time, the villain Heuk-bong gets a hold of the sword named Green Destiny, which can do the moon-stroke. Both So-hwi and Ilyoung attempt to get that sword but Heuk-bong hits So-hwi with a poisonous stroke. Ilyoung takes her to the hospital where she recovers but loses her childhood memories.

So-hwi's father and his friends ask for a fight with Heuk-bong. On the day of the fight, So-hwi's father is shocked seeing that Heuk-bong is Ilyoung. Ilyoung injures So-hwi's father with the sword.

Ilyoung takes So-hwi's father to a hospital and informs So-hwi. So-hwi is informed by her father's friends about her mother's story. So-hwi trains on her mother's sword to create a lightning stroke.

Only Heuk-bong can cure So-hwi, so Ilyoung goes to him and asks for the antidote. Heuk-bong demands that Ilyoung become his disciple and hypnotizes him. Ilyoung accepts and cures So-hwi. Ilyoung was to take Heuk-bong's place. Heuk-bong dies without setting Ilyoung free, explaining why he injured So-hwi's father.

So-hwi completes her training on lightning stroke and goes to fight with Ilyoung. Through telepathy, Ilyoung tells her what has happened. So-hwi defends herself but won't fight back. Ilyoung asks her to fight back as he wants to escape his hypnotic spell.

Ilyoung intends to use moon stroke with the green destiny sword, So-hwi instead uses lightning stroke, which weakens Ilyoung. Ilyoung begs her to attack him, and attacks her. She fell down. Ilyoung gets hold of her neck and tries to kill her. But So-hwi asks him to concentrate. This confuses Ilyoung and in pain, he sheds tears. His tears fall onto the sword and awaken Ilyoung from the spell. Ilyoung falls for So-hwi.



My Mighty Princess was released in South Korea on 26 June 2008, after a delay of more than two years.[2] On its opening weekend it was ranked eighth at the box office with 14,988 admissions;[3] as of 6 July it had received a total of 27,309 admissions,[4] with a gross of US$162,256.[1]


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