My Second Brother

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My Second Brother
Directed byShohei Imamura
Written byIchirō Ikeda
Shohei Imamura
StarringHiroyuki Nagato
Kayo Matsuo
Takeshi Okimura
Akiko Maeda
Kō Nishimura
Yoshio Ōmori
Taiji Tonoyama
Shinsuke Ashida
Tanie Kitabayashi
CinematographyShinsaku Himeda
Distributed byNikkatsu Corporation
Release date
Running time
101 minutes

My Second Brother (にあんちゃん, Nianchan) is a 1959 Japanese film by director Shohei Imamura.


The film tells the story of four orphans living in an impoverished mining town. An adaptation of a best-selling book based on the diary of a ten-year-old zainichi (ethnic Korean Japanese) girl, it was one of the first films to deal with the subject of zainichi identity and struggles in Japan.






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Adapted from chapter four of Zainichi (Koreans in Japan): Diasporic Nationalism and Postcolonial Identity (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2008). Accessed April 4, 2009.