My Self Scumbag

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My Self Scumbag
Author Kimung
Original title My Self : Scumbag, Beyond Life and Death
Illustrator Eben of Burgerkill
Country Indonesia
Language Bahasa Indonesia
Genre Music
Publisher Minor Books
Publication date
Media type print
Pages 368 pages;14x21
ISBN 979-25-5892-6

My Self : Scumbag, Beyond Life and Death is a biographical novel based on Ivan Scumbag life. Ivan Scumbag was lead vocals of Burgerkill, an Indonesian heavy metal band.[1]


The book was published in Indonesia in late 2007, written by ex-Burgerkill bassist, Kimung. Ryan Koesuma of "Deathrockstar" online magazine noted in his page; "The book is a fragment about Indonesia underground music scene. This published was one of success effort to record a local and modern subculture.[2] Not only about Ivan Scumbag as an ordinary human, the book described about Burgerkill, the band that Ivan scumbag and Kimung formed. Beside that, the book was a side story of "Ujungberung Rebels" community.[3]

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