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My Step Alliance

«Իմ Քայլը» դաշինք
LeaderNikol Pashinyan
Founded1 August 2018 (2018-08-01)
IdeologyBig tent[1][2]
Liberal democracy[3][4]
Political positionCentre[11][12]
Alliance ofCivil Contract
Mission Party
Colors     Red
National Assembly
88 / 132
Official website

The My Step Alliance (Armenian: «Իմ Քայլը» դաշինք; Im Kaylə dashink’) is a political alliance formed by the Civil Contract party, the Mission Party and various independent representatives of civil society. It was formed in August 2018, before the 2018 Yerevan City Council election. The leader of the alliance is the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan.


First logo, used for Yerevan City Council election

On 31 March, at the beginning of the 2018 Armenian revolution, Nikol Pashinyan and a group of supporters began a march from Gyumri, Armenia's second largest city. The campaign, named "My Step", was declared with the intention to prevent Sargsyan's election as prime minister on 17 April.[13]

On 23 September 2018 the alliance participated and won in the 2018 Yerevan City Council election with Hayk Marutyan as a candidate of Mayor and won 57 seats out of 65 in Yerevan City Council.

The alliance ran in the 2018 Armenian parliamentary election.[14] They won 88 оf 132 seats, gaining a ruling majority in the National Assembly.


The coalition is perceived as maintaining a big tent ideology rather then supporting any one particular political position. The coalition's main focus is on anti-corruption efforts while developing Armenia's civil society and democracy and promoting the economic development of the country. However, Nikol Pashinyan has been described as a centrist politician with a liberal outlook. In terms of foreign policy, before coming to power, Pashinyan was a skeptic of Russia. However, following his victory, Pashinyan changed his official opinion and opted to maintain strong relations between Armenia and Russia. Despite this, Pashinyan also supports the development of bilateral relations with the European Union and the United States.[15]


The alliance is composed of the following parties, as well as some independents.

Party Ideology Position Leader
Civil Contract Liberal Center Nikol Pashinyan
Mission Party Liberal Center Manuk Sukiasyan

Electoral record[edit]

Parliamentary elections[edit]

Election Votes % Seats Position Government
2018 884,456 70.43
88 / 132
Steady 1st Government

Local elections[edit]

Yerevan City Council elections[edit]

Election Mayor candidate Votes % Seats in City Council
Hayk Marutyan
57 / 65

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