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For the Spanish film, see My Street (film).
My Street
My Street.jpg
Developer(s) Idol Minds
Publisher(s) SCEA
Platform(s) PlayStation 2
Release date(s)
  • NA March 9, 2003
  • EU October 31, 2003
Genre(s) Party
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer, Online Multiplayer

My Street is a video game on the PlayStation 2 released on March 9, 2003. There are seven minigames and it has very similar gameplay to other party games such as the Mario Party series.


In My Street, the player is put in control of the "new kid," whose role in the game is to beat the bully before August 24—the first day of school.


Anne is a girl who lives in a round house in the edge of the cul-de-sac & loves marbles. She refers to them sometimes as 'bling bling'. Her game is Marbles.

Shaun is the boy who lives next door to your character & has a volleyball court in his backyard. He has the personality of a surfer & sadly, got his ball kicked all the way to an island by the bully. His game is Volleyball.

Suzy is a farm girl who has a lot of chores to do. She would like some help & if she gets it, will show you a game with her barn animals, she will also give you five dollars for every day you help her. Her game is Chicken Herding.

Myron is a kid who basically loves science & thinks he is superior to all the other kids. He is always in his lab concocting an experiment & doesn't like to have company. His game is Chemistry.

Tanya loves playing with lawn mowers & riding through her mom's garden tearing up the flowers & bushes. Her mother has a big garden that makes a perfect riding ground. Her game is Lawn Mowers.

Dale is the boy who works in the shop fixing cars & playing RC Racers. You need an RC racer to play his Mini-game. His game is RC Racing

Bobby the Bully-- The most dangerous kid in the whole neighborhood. If you don't beat him before August 24, he will take your lunch money for the rest of your Elementary school career. He is the final Mini-game boss in the game. His game is Dodgeball.


My Street have received mixed reception and has been rated poor by many web sites including GameSpot. The game has been criticized for not having enough variety and gameplay because there are very few features on it. Another criticism was the poor script which had "outdated" talk. However, this game stands out from most party games because of its online capabilities.

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