My Sunshine

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My Sunshine
My Sunshine promotional poster.jpg
Promotional poster for My Sunshine
Based onSilent Separation by Gu Man
Written by
  • Gu Man
  • Mo Bao Fei Bao
Directed byLiu Junjie
Opening themeMy Sunshine by Jason Zhang
Ending themeWhat Is Love by Wallace Chung
Country of originChina
Original language(s)Mandarin
No. of episodesTV: 32, iQiyi: 36
Executive producer(s)Xia Jie
Producer(s)Zhang Yan, Xiong Xiaoling
Production location(s)Shanghai, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong
Running time45 minutes
Production company(s)Croton Media
Original networkDragon TV, Jiangsu TV, iQiyi
Original release10 January (2015-01-10) –
25 January 2015 (2015-01-25)
Related showsYou Are My Sunshine
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My Sunshine (Chinese: 何以笙箫默; Chinese: 何以笙簫默) is a 2015 Chinese television series based on the novel Silent Separation written by Gu Man. It stars Wallace Chung and Tiffany Tang. The series premiered simultaneously on Dragon TV, Jiangsu TV, and iQiyi on 10 January 2015.[1]

My Sunshine is a huge success in China with over 10 billion views online.[2][3]


In their university days, Zhao Mosheng fell in love at first sight with law student He Yichen. Through various incidents where Mosheng "stalked" Yichen on campus, Mosheng's cheerful personality charmed Yichen, and they slowly became college sweethearts. When Yichen's foster sister, Yimei challenged Mosheng for Yichen's attention, Mosheng turned directly to Yichen for clarification, but did not expect to receive a cold response from him. Mistaking that Yichen and Yimei are a couple, Mosheng followed her father's arrangements and moved to the United States to continue her studies. Seven years later, Mosheng, who is now a professional photographer, returns to China, and coincidentally bumps into Yichen who has never forgotten her after all these years. Since the seven years they broke up, many people stand in the way of these star-crossed lovers: foster-sister Yimei; Mosheng's marriage in United States; the unrelentingly infatuated ex-husband Ying Hui; as well as the financial grudges between the couple's fathers. All these situations continue to affect the two former lovers, but instead, these misunderstandings and challenges give them a better comprehension of the love they have missed over the past seven years.[4]




Law Office[edit]

  • Zhao Chu Lun as Xiang Heng
  • Hou Rui Xiang as young Xiang Heng
  • Lin Peng as Yuan Fei
  • Huang Shi Chao as Lawyer Liu
  • Liu Yu Jin as Mei Ting

Treasure Magazine[edit]

  • Zang Hong Na as Gu Xinghong
  • Rong Rong as Editor Zhang
  • Song Zi Qiao as Wen Min
  • Zhang Nai Ou as Tao Yijing
  • He Guo Xuan as Da Bao


  • Wu Ren Yuan as Zhao Qingyuan
  • Qin Yue as Pei Fangmei
  • Duanmu Chong Hui as Linda
  • Wu Yan Su as Xu Ying
  • Chen Xin Yu as young Xu Ying
  • Wang Xiao Ying as Juan Jie
  • Gao Ting Ting as Mi Feier
  • Long Yi Yi as Tong Xinying
  • Li Chen as Hairstylist


Wallace Chung and Tiffany Tang were cast in the respective lead roles of He Yichen and Zhao Mosheng six months after the show's initial production announcement at the end of 2013.[5] Filming started on June 20, 2014 in Shanghai, and ended September 14, 2014 at Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour.[6]

The younger versions of Mosheng and Yichen were supposed to be acted by two unknown newcomers, but after behind-the-scenes photos were leaked, netizens criticized the actors' appearances, "During the seven years, does this mean they went to South Korea for plastic surgery?" Both Tiffany Tang and Wallace Chung expressed their desire to film their own university-era character versions, so the original footage was scrapped, and university-era scenes were filmed in September 2014.[7]


1."My Sunshine" (Opening Theme Song)Jason Zhang 
2."What Is Love (何以愛情)" (Ending Theme Song)Wallace Chung 
3."Long Time No See (好久不見)"Tiffany Tang 
4."A Ray of Light (微光)"Hua Chenyu 
5."The Road Not Taken"Gao Shan 
6."When I Met You, All The Stars Fell On My Head (遇見你的時候所有星星都落到我頭上)"Gao Shan 

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Awards  Category Nominee Results
2015 17th Huading Awards Best Actor Wallace Chung Nominated
Best Actress Tiffany Tang Nominated
Best Actress (Contemporary) Won
10th Seoul International Drama Award Asian Star Grand Prize Award Wallace Chung Won
2016 1st China Television Drama Quality Ceremony Quality Award Won
Audience's Favorite TV Series (Dragon TV) Won
2017 11th National Top-Notch Television Production Award Ceremony[8] Outstanding Television Series Won

International broadcast[edit]


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