My Turn on Earth

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My Turn on Earth
Music Lex de Azevedo
Book Carol Lynn Pearson
Setting Heaven
Premiere 1977 (1977)

My Turn on Earth is a Latter Day Saints musical written by Carol Lynn Pearson with music by Lex de Azevedo. The show premiered in 1977 and became widely popular, ranking with the other popular musical Saturday's Warrior.[citation needed] A VHS version of a recorded stage production was released in 1986. The first DVD version (Original Cast Edition) was distributed worldwide through the Deseret Book Company in June 2008.

An indicator of the continued relevance of the musical is the number of smaller scale productions worldwide that approach Excel Entertainment Group, the performance rights holder, for permission to stage the musical each year.[citation needed]


My Turn on Earth recounts the Latter Day Saint Plan of Salvation. Barbara and her four friends are living in Heaven (the pre-existence). While there, they re-enact the War in Heaven and the shouts for joy of the spirits that are going to be born. They treat mortality as a treasure hunt with returning again to live with Heavenly Father and Mother as the greatest prize to be won. In the end, Barbara returns to Heaven, having learned the necessary lessons.



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