My Wife Got Married

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My Wife Got Married
My Wife Got Married film poster.jpg
Theatrical poster
Hanja 아내가 했다
Revised Romanization Anaega gyeolhonhaetda
McCune–Reischauer Anaeka kyŏrhonhaetta
Directed by Jeong Yoon-soo
Produced by Ju Pil-ho
Cho Chul-hyun
Lee Sang-yong
Written by Song Hye-jin
Based on My Wife Got Married 
by Park Hyun-wook
Starring Kim Joo-hyuk
Son Ye-jin
Music by Hong Seong-gyu
Edited by Steve M. Choe
Distributed by CJ Entertainment
Release dates
  • October 23, 2008 (2008-10-23)
Running time
119 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Box office US$8,789,900[1]

My Wife Got Married (Hangul아내가 결혼했다; RRAnaega gyeolhonhaetda) is a 2008 South Korean film. Directed by Jeong Yoon-soo and starring Kim Joo-hyuk and Son Ye-jin in the lead roles, the film is adapted from a bestselling novel of the same name by Park Hyun-wook.[2]


Deok-hoon meets In-ah, a former colleague, on the subway; the two turn out to be big soccer fans, and soon begin a passionate relationship. To quell his doubts about In-ah's fidelity, Deok-hoon proposes to her, and they get married. But their honeymoon period doesn't last long, as In-ah declares that she will marry another man.



My Wife Got Married was released in South Korea on October 23, 2008. It topped the box office on its opening weekend, selling 515,464 tickets.[3] As of November 9, 2008, the film had sold a total of 1,818,497 admissions nationwide and ranked 10th among the top grossing domestic films of 2008.[4]

Awards and nominations[edit]

2008 University Film Festival of Korea
2008 Blue Dragon Film Awards[5]
2008 Korean Film Awards
  • Nomination - Best Actress - Son Ye-jin
  • Nomination - Best Screenplay - Song Hye-jin
2009 Baeksang Arts Awards


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