Myanmar Idol

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Myanmar Idol
Logo of Myanmar Idol.jpg
Created by Sky Net
Presented by Myanmar National Television
Theme music composer Ye Lay
Opening theme "Pyaw Par Say Tha Ngal Chin" (Be Happy Friend)
Original language(s) Burmese

Myanmar Idol is a popular Myanmar singing contest television series that is broadcast on Myanmar Network TV.[1] Its first season, in 2016, was described by The Myanmar Times as a "wild success".[2] It has had a second season in 2017, and the third season is in 2018.


Following the success of American Idol and other IDOL series, Shwe Thanlwin created a Myanmar version of the series with identical formats and methods. Broadcast on Myanmar Network TV on Sky Net, it grew to be more popular than Eain Mat Sone Yar and Melody World which were once the most popular singing competition series in Myanmar.

Season 1[edit]

In 2016, the first Myanmar Idol Singing Competition held auditions in four major cities, Yangon, Mandalay, Pathein and Taunggyi. The series judges, Ye Lay, Chan Chan and May Sweet chose the Top 11 finalists. After further stages, the Top 3 finalists, Saw Lah Htaw Wah, M Zaw Rain and Ninzi May advanced to the Grand Final Show, where Saw Lah Htaw Wah became the winner of Myanmar Idol 2016.

Season 2[edit]

Season 2, in 2017, featured Tin Zar Maw, Myanmar Pyi Thein Tan and May Sweet as judges; with auditions held in 5 major cities, Yangon, Mandalay, Naypyidaw , Taunggyi and Hpa-An, and bus auditions also held in other towns. Later in the series, the judges decided who would be in the Final Top 10, and, after further stages, the series advanced to the Grand Final Show held on 25 March 2017, where the two finalists, Thar Nge and Billy La Min Aye, competed with three songs. With the voting results of the whole country counted, Thar Nge was announced the winner.

Season 3[edit]

For this season, there were two new judges, Yan Aung and Myo Kyawt Myaing, joining Myanmar Pyi Thein Tan, and Tin Zar Maw.

After progressing to the Grand Final, Chan Myae Maung Cho was unable to participate due to illness.

Phyo Myat Aung won the Myanmar Idol Season 3 2018.[3]



(With Final Competition)

Season 1 (2016) Final Competition Week Competition Song Remark Audition Voting Number
Saw Lah Htaw Wah Winner Final Min Thi Naing Ma Lar Yangon 7
M Zaw Rain Runner Up Final
  • Min Thi Naing Ma Lar
  • Nout Sone Yin Kwin
Taunggyi 1
Ninzi May Runner Up Final
  • Min Thi Naing Ma Lar
  • A Chit Htat Ma Ka
  • BalThu Ko Loug Chit ThaLal
Yangon 3
Sophia Everest Composer Saung Oo Hlaing Week A Chit Ma Shi Nay Yat Myar She was saved in the Hit Songs Week Yangon 8
Zaw Min Oo Cinematic Songs Week Hnayout Ta Ait Mat Mandalay 11
Saw Htet Naing Soe Hot Season Songs Week Nway Hmat Tan Taunggyi 2
May Kyi Rock Week,Composer Saung Oo Hlaing Week She is the Panthe Wild Card Winner and she came back in Cinematic Songs Week Taunggyi 10
Aung Tay Zar Kyaw Htoo Ein Thin's Songs Week 9
Khine Thazin Thin Htoo Ain Thin's Song Week NarYee Paw Ma Myat Yae Sat Myar Yangon 6
Aung Pyae Tun Famous Songs of 1980 Week Pyut Sone Nay Thaw Naitban Bone Mandalay
Rio Favourite Songs Week Yangon
Season 2 (2017) Final Competition Week Competition Song Remark Audition Voting Number
Thar Nge Winner Lan Ka Lay Mandalay 2
Billy La Min Aye Runner Up Final
  • Lan Ka Lay
  • Phyar Suu
  • A Chit Myar Lat Saung
Taunggyi 9
Poe Mi Encourage Songs Week Yone Kyi Yar She was saved in Duet Songs Week Yangon 6
Mai Mai Seng Blue Music Week Paris Myo Ko Pyan U Twar 4
Ye Naung Hits Songs Week A Yin Ka Zat Lan Lay Yangon 1
Zin Gyi Win Oo Week,Blue Music Week(with Wild Card)
  • Maung Toe Chal Yi Myay
  • A May Yal Dokka Ow Lay
*Golden Disc (May Sweet) Winner
  • He is a Wild Card winner and came back in Blue Music Week
Taunggyi 3
Chan Nyein Back to the Rock Week 5
Yoon Yoon Back to the Rock Week 10
Phyu Lay Famous Songs of 1990 Week Mandalay 8
A Mi Zan Top 10 Week(Favourite Songs) Soe Yane Chit 7
Season 3 (2018) Final Competition Week Competition Song Remark Audition Voting Number
Nan Shwe Yee Retro Night Week Eait Say Ma Shi 1
Naw Jas Retro Night Week Htein Choke Thu 5
Swan Pyae Aung Favourite Song Week Mone Pwal Tay 2


The judges of Season 1 are Burmese singers Ye Lay, Chan Chan and May Sweet and those of season 2 are Tin Zar Maw, Myanmar Pyi Thein Tan and May Sweet. Season 3 judges are Myanmar Pyi Thein Tan, Yan Aung, Myo Kyawt Myaing, and Tin Zar Maw.

Judges timeline


Year Winner Final Songs Runner -Ups Date
2016 Saw Lah Htaw Wah Min Thi Naing Ma Lar
  • M Zaw Rain
  • Nin Zi May
8 April 2016
2017 Thar Nge D Lan Kalay
  • Billy La Min Aye
25 March 2017
2018 Phyo Myat Aung Ma Ma Ka