Myarc Disk Operating System

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DeveloperMyarc, Paul Charlton
Working stateCurrent versions 6.70 & 6.71
Source modelOpen source
Initial release1987; 31 years ago (1987)
Kernel typeMonolithic kernel
Default user interfaceMDOS CLI
LicenseMDOS Buyout Group

MDOS (short for Myarc Disk Operating System) is an operating system commercialized by Myarc. It was designed and implemented specifically for the Geneve 9640 by Paul Charlton. MDOS was designed to fully emulate the TI-99/4A computer while providing an advanced (for its time) virtual memory operating environment with full support for mouse, GUI, and complex mathematical applications.

MDOS was written specifically for the TMS9995 16-bit CPU and the Yamaha V9938 video display processor.

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