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Industry Aerospace
Founded 1951; 67 years ago (1951)
Headquarters Moscow, Russia
Products Aircraft
Parent United Aircraft Corporation

V. M. Myasishchev Experimental Design Bureau (Экспери­мен­тальный Машин­ост­роительный Завод им. В. М. Мясищева) or OKB-23, founded in 1951 by Vladimir Myasishchev) was one of the chief Soviet aerospace design bureaus until its dissolution in 1960. Vladimir Myasishchev went on to head TsAGI. In 1967, Myasishchev left TsAGI and recreated his bureau, which still exists to this day. The bureau prefix was "M." As of 2003, its workforce is estimated at approx­imately one thousand. Myasishchev and NPO Molniya intend to use the V-MT or M-55 as launch vehicle for sub-orbital spaceflight.[1]

In July 2014, the merger of Myasishchev and Ilyushin to create a single modern production complex was announced by the Board of Directors of OAO Il.[2][3]


Myasishchev M-50





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