Myat Phaya Lat

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Myat Phaya Lat
Princess of Burma
H.R.H. Princess Ashin Hteik Suhpaya Mayat Phaya Lat
Myat Paya Lat.jpg
Head of the Royal House of Konbaung
Tenure1916 – 1956
PredecessorThibaw Min
SuccessorTaw Phaya
Born4 October 1883
Royal Palace, Burma
Died4 April 1956 (1956-04-05) (aged 72)
Kalimpong, West Bengal, India
Khin Maung Lat
(m. 1917; died 1955)
IssueMaung Lu Gyi (adopted son)
FatherThibaw Min
ReligionTheravada Buddhism

Princess Myat Phaya Lat (Burmese: မြတ်ဘုရားလတ်, pronounced [mjaʔ pʰəjá laʔ]; 4 October 1883 – 4 April 1956) was a Burmese royal princess and most senior member of the Royal House of Konbaung. She was Royal Household after the death of her father, King Thibaw while in exile in 1916.


Myat Phaya Lat was born on 4 October 1883 at the Royal Palace, Mandalay. She is the second daughter of King Thibaw by his chief queen Supayalat.

The four daughters of King Thibaw, Myat Phaya Galay, Myat Phaya Gyi, Myat Phaya Lat, Myat Phaya

The princess married on 20 February 1917 at the Collector's Bungalow, Ratnagiri, Bombay, India, Khin Maung Lat (Burma Raja Sahib), Private Secretary to Ex-King Thibaw, sometime Officer in the Indian Police, a nephew of King Thibaw and son of the "Duke and Duchess" of Ngape and Mindat. She died on 4 April 1956 at Kalimpong, India, having adopted the son of her Nepalese maidservant, named Maung Lu Gy.

Myat Phaya Lat
Born: 4 October 1883
Royal titles
Preceded by
Thibaw Min
Heir to the Burmese Throne
1916 – 1956
Succeeded by
Taw Phaya