Myat Phaya

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Myat Phaya
Princess of Burma
H.R.H. Princess Ashin Hteik Suhpaya Mayat Phaya
Princess Myat Phaya.jpg
Myat Phaya at her residence Maymyo
Born7 March 1886
Madras, Madras Presidency, British India
Died21 July 1962 (1962-07-22) (aged 76)
Maymyo, Burma
IssueHteik Su Gyi Phaya
HouseRoyal House of Konbaung
FatherThibaw Min
ReligionTheravada Buddhism

Princess Myat Phaya (Burmese: ထိပ်စုမြတ်ဖုရား; born in Madras at 7 March 1886 – 21 July 1962), was a Burmese royal princess and senior member of the Royal House of Konbaung. She is the third daughter of the last ruling king of Burma, King Thibaw and his queen Supayalat.


The four daughters of King Thibaw, Myat Phaya Galay, Myat Phaya Gyi, Myat Phaya Lat, Myat Phaya

Myat Phaya was born on 7 March 1886 at Madras, British India. She returned to Burma from Ratnagiri in 1915. Later, she had served as Patron of the King Thibaw Funeral Committee in 1949, and the association for Buddhism as the National Religion in 1958.

Myat Phaya married her first husband, H.H Prince Hteik Tin Kodawgyi, in 1921 and divorced him in 1930. He is the son of Maung Maung Thaung, by his wife Princess (Hteik Hteik Hkaung-tin) Aye, the Princess of War Nwe Gone, daughter of Crown prince Kanaung Mintha. She gave birth to their only daughter, Phaya Rita, also known as Hteik Su Gyi Phaya, she married her cousin Taw Phaya, a son of the Princess Myat Phaya Galay.

Myat Phaya married her second husband, Mya U (who died during the Japanese occupation), a lawyer on 25 June 1931. She died from cancer on 21 July 1962 at her home in Maymyo.