Myaungmya District

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Myaungmya District (Burmese: မြောင်းမြခရိုင်) is a district of the Ayeyarwady Division in south western Myanmar. It consists of 5 cities. They are Myaungmya.

Myaungmya district was formed in 1893 out of a portion of Bassein district, and reconstituted until 1903. It has an area of 2,663 square miles (6,900 km2) and a population of 280,000 and density of 104 inhabitants to the square mile. The district is a deltaic tract, bordering south on the sea and traversed by many tidal creeks. Rice cultivation and fishing occupy practically all the inhabitants of the district.

The district contains three townships: Myaungmya Township, Einme Township, and Wakema Township, ((Moulmeingyun Township)). In the Townships, there are 50 wards, 489 village groups and 2557 villages.

Coordinates: 16°30′N 95°00′E / 16.500°N 95.000°E / 16.500; 95.000