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Rattlesnake root
Purple lettuce
Prenanthes purpurea (Hasenlattich) IMG 1123.jpg
Prenanthes purpurea
Scientific classification

P. purpurea
Binomial name
Prenanthes purpurea
  • Prenanthes tenuifolia L.
  • Chondrilla purpurea (L.) Lam.
  • Prenanthes wolfiana Schur
  • Prenanthes purpurea subsp. tenuifolia (L.) Arcang.
  • Chondrilla tenuifolia (L.) Lam.
  • Prenanthes transsilvanica Schur
  • Prenanthes schlosseri Heuff.

Prenanthes is a genus of plant in the family Asteraceae, often referred to as rattlesnake root.[2][3]

Molecular analysis in 2009 revealed that the genus as traditionally envisioned is polyphyletic, meaning that it is a conglomeration of species not closely related to one another. All but one species will be moved to other genera, leaving only Prenanthes purpurea.[4] The species, sometimes called purple lettuce,[5] is widespread across much of Europe and the Middle East.[6]

formerly included[1]

see Aetheorhiza Askellia Brickellia Chondrilla Crepidiastrum Crepis Emilia Erythroseris Faberia Hololeion Hypochaeris Ixeris Kovalevskiella Lactuca Lapsanastrum Launaea Lygodesmia Nabalus Notoseris Paraprenanthes Parasenecio Picrosia Sonchella Sonchus Soroseris Stephanomeria Trixis Youngia


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