Mycobacterium immunogenum

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Mycobacterium immunogenum
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Bacteria
Phylum: Actinobacteria
Order: Actinomycetales
Suborder: Corynebacterineae
Family: Mycobacteriaceae
Genus: Mycobacterium
Species: M. immunogenum
Binomial name
Mycobacterium immunogenum
Wilson et al. 2001,[1] ATCC 700505

Mycobacterium immunogenum is a species of the phylum actinobacteria (Gram-positive bacteria with high guanine and cytosine content, one of the dominant phyla of all bacteria), belonging to the genus mycobacterium.

These non-tuberculous mycobacteria are sometimes found in fouling water-based cutting fluids, often causing hypersensitivity pneumonitis to the machinists in the affected grinding plants.[2]

Type strain[edit]

Strain BH29 = MC 779 = ATCC 700505 = CCUG 47286 = CIP 106684


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