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colophon for Mycroft & Moran designed by Ronald Clyne.

Mycroft & Moran was an imprint of Arkham House publishers and was created in Sauk City, Wisconsin in 1945. The imprint was created to publish weird detective stories and the Solar Pons stories by August Derleth. Arkham retired the imprint in 1982, but has recently allowed it to be revived by another small press publisher.

Name and Colophon[edit]

The name of the Mycroft & Moran imprint was derived from two characters in the Sherlock Holmes stories. Mycroft is derived from the name of Sherlock Holmes' brother, Mycroft Holmes. Moran refers to Colonel Sebastian Moran, "the second most dangerous man in London". The colophon for the imprint, a deerstalker, was designed by Ronald Clyne.

Mycroft & Moran Today[edit]

After the publication of The Solar Pons Omnibus in 1982, Arkham House retired the Mycroft & Moran imprint. In fact, the book was officially an Arkham House publication, merely listing it as "A Mycroft & Moran Book" on the half title page. Later, the imprint was leased to publisher George Vanderburgh (Shelburne, Ontario, Canada), who revived it in 1998 with the publication of The Final Adventures of Solar Pons.

Works published by Mycroft & Moran[edit]


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