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Company typePrivate company
IndustryInformation technology
HeadquartersOslo, Norway
Key people
Lars Monrad Krohn
ProductsComputers, Operating Systems
Picture of the Mycro-1 with a portable computer running a terminal emulation software to connect to the Mycro-1
Mycro-1 connected to a terminal emulation program. It greets the user with the message: MYCROP V.2.8 (Z)

Mycron was a pioneer manufacturer of microcomputers, located in Oslo, Norway.[1]

Originally named Norsk Data Industri, the company was founded in 1975 by Lars Monrad Krohn, who was also one of the founding fathers of Norsk Data. Among the employees are Arne Maus (1986–89)[2] and Gisle Hannemyr. The company was renamed MySoft in 1999.

Computers manufactured by Mycron[edit]

MYCRO-1 was an Intel 8080 machine, running the MYCROPoperating system.[3][4][5] Afterwards the Mycron 3 was developed, running CP/M. The Mycron 1000 featured a Zilog Z80 processor and ran MP/M. Finally the Mycron 2000 was released, based on an Intel 8086 CPU, running CP/M-86 and MP/M-86 operating systems.

Model Year CPU Operating system Notes
MYCRO-1[6] 1975[7] Intel 8080[8] MYCROP First single-board computer (SBC)[9]
Mycron 3 (tbd) Zilog Z80 CP/M  
Mycron 200 (tbd) (tbd) (tbd)  
Mycron 1000[4] (tbd) Zilog Z80 MP/M 64Kb RAM, 2 disk drives[10]
Mycron 2000[4] 1981[11] Intel 8086 CP/M-86; MP/M-86 One of the first Intel 8086 based computers;[citation needed] multiple CPUs in one cabinet. Weight of 8 kg and 38 cm size.[12]


Mycron BC 1984 80186 MP/M, CP/M, MS-DOS 384kb RAM, 2 x 3,5" 400kb disk drive, 10Mb hard drive  [11]
Mycron 2200[10] (tbd) (tbd) (tbd) 640kb RAM, 3.5" 1000kb disk drive; 20Mb hard drive[10]


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