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Myerscough (UK: /ˈmaɪərsk/ MIRE-skoh, locally /ˈmɑːskrə/ MAH-skrə, US: /ˈmaɪərskf/ MIRE-skowf) is an English surname, which is most common in Lancashire. The name originates from the hamlet of Myerscough, in the parish of Myerscough and Bilsborrow near Preston, which has been an important land holding by the Duchy of Lancaster since 1267.[1] Although the name originates from a hamlet near Preston, the town with the highest proportions of Myerscough's is Fleetwood in Lancashire. The name is virtually unheard of in the midlands and the south of England.[2] People with the name are used to it being pronounced or spelt incorrectly, mainly due to people being unfamiliar with the name and pronouncing it how they think it is pronounced or spelt. Historically the name had the more phonetic spelling 'Myerscoe'.

People of note with the surname Myerscough[edit]


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