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Kym Andrew Harrison (born in Gawler, South Australia) known as "Myk Aussie" is an Australian Sports, Comedy, Media personality. He has been based in Canada since March 1998. Initially in Canada he was the Vancouver Branch Manager of CAD Resource Centre a National Autodesk dealership.[citation needed] Since November 1999 Myk Aussie has been web sportscasting many events in Canada, USA and some back home in Australia.

Myk Aussie and his team have produced massive amounts of NFL, CFL, AFL Australian Rules Football and lots of other sports MYKwebTV i.e. Internet TV.

Wearing approved media passes at Super Bowl XXXVII, XXVIII and XXXIX weeks along with NFL sideline media passes at three NFL Pro Bowls myk produces a Sports Comedy Internet TV show. He has also attended 10 CFL Grey Cups, several of these with approved media passes. The Calgary Stampede is also another event Myk and his team have covered on several occasions. Australian Rules Football in Canada and the USA is also a big part of MYKwebTV.

Myk has done guest TV appearances in the USA during Super Bowl weeks and in Canada including the popular TSN Off The Record show. He has also been a guest on USA sports radio shows. Being on Steve Czaban's popular radio show from the Super Bowl XXXVIII media centre was one of Myk's favourite guest spots as Steve asked Myk a lot about Australian Rules Football.[citation needed]

Appearing as a weekly guest on 5AA Adelaide South Australia radio with Jeff Burzacott from mid-2008 until Sept 2010 Myk talked sports and life events. He has also been on Gabriel Morency's Sports Rage radio show since November 2002 talking sports Hardcore and comedy style.[citation needed]

Interviews conducted[edit]

Myk Aussie has interviewed many NFL, CFL and some AFL star players. Lots of the 185+ Sports MYKwebTV shows are also comedy based.


Approximately 7+ million sports fans mainly in the USA, CDN and Australia know of Myk Aussie, the Australian sports, comedy, media guy wearing the Australian corked hat.[citation needed]

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