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Mykhailo Ivanovych Khmelko (Ukrainian: Михайло Іванович Хмелько, 23 October 1919 - 15 January 1996) was a Ukrainian painter, People's Artist of the Ukrainian SSR, and double Stalin prize winner.

Mykhailo Khmelko was born in Kiev. In 1943-1946 he studied at the Kiev State Art Institute under Karp Trokhimenko. In 1948 - 1973 he was a faculty of the same institute.

Khmelko is known for his Socialist Realism paintings: Unification of the Ukrainian Lands (1939-1949), Drink A Toast for the Great Russian People (1947), Triumph of the Victorious Motherland (1949), Forever with Moscow. Forever with Russian people (1951). He is also the author of the diorama Medical Help in the Bohdan Khmelnytsky army of the Kiev Museum of Medicine.

Mikhail Khmelko. Forever with Moscow. Forever with the Russian People (Treaty of Pereyaslav). 1951


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