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A bowl of mykyrokka
Alternative namesTappaiskeitto ("Butchery soup")
CourseMain course
Place of originFinland
Region or stateSavonia (Eastern Finland Province)
Serving temperatureHot
Main ingredientsDumplings (blood and barley flour), fatty meat, offal, potatoes, onions, salt, black pepper, water

Mykyrokka is a soup that is a typical traditional dish in eastern Finland (Savo region). The main ingredient is myky: a palm sized dumpling made from blood and barley flour. The dumplings are cooked in the soup. The soup also contains potatoes, onions, fatty meat, and offal such as kidneys, liver and or heart. Salt and black pepper are the usual seasonings.

This soup is also called tappaiskeitto (i.e., "butchery soup") referring to an old farm custom of autumn butchery when some animals were butchered and the meat and organs were made into sausages, hams, and other meats, and what remained was put into the soup.

Soup is also considered the traditional parish dish of the Heinola town in the 1980s.[1]

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