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Myles Wilder
Born January 28, 1933
New York City, New York
Died April 20, 2010 (age 77)
Temecula, California
Occupation television writer and producer
Spouse(s) Bobbe Wilder (survives him)

Myles Wilder (January 28, 1933 - April 20, 2010) was a television comedy writer and producer.[1]

Wilder attended and graduated from UCLA's Theater Arts Department. During his senior year, he and two of his friends, Mitch Rose and Wayne Thoms, produced a documentary entitled "The Sports Car" that depicted the history of and interest in sports cars. He later wrote for The Tim Conway Show, a 1970 situation comedy, and the 1977 situation comedy The San Pedro Beach Bums.

Wilder's father was director-producer W. Lee Wilder (1904–1982), and his uncle was Oscar-winning director Billy Wilder (1906–2002).


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