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Mymuesli is a German brand of breakfast cereals headquartered in Passau, Germany.

It is the first company that allowed customers to create their own breakfast cereals, or "muesli", hence the company's name "mymuesli". They were not among the first to apply the concept of mass customization to food but they were the first to be successful. Several other companies tried to copy the mass customisation model that is already very popular in many other industries. It is where you can pick your own combination of preset ingredients (ex: for a car it would be the color, the interior, the sports or luxury package, etc.) to have it fit more closely to your needs. Almost all car and computer companies such as Dell or BMW have applied this concept for a long time.

Mymuesli shop in Munich

What is special about this case is that it is the first time a food company using mass customization was successful. General Mills also tried to set up a custom cereal website but it failed[1] mainly due to its very high cost and a nonreceptive public. This is one of the advantages of mass customization and their business model, customization with very low cost. Many companies have copied the business model very closely in America and across Europe such as Chocomize, Chocri or MixMyOwn. Dr. Frank Piller, a leading German expert in the field and administrator of Mass Customization & Open Innovation News, often cites mymuesli as a successful business model founded on mass customisation.

This was noticed by several organisations in Germany and the success of this business model has opened the flood gates for a new host of ecommerce entrepreneurs.


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