Mynach Falls

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Mynach Falls
Three Bridges of Devil's Bridge, Ceredigion.jpg
The Pontarfynach over the Mynach River
LocationAberystwyth, Wales
Coordinates52°22′37″N 3°51′00″W / 52.377°N 3.850°W / 52.377; -3.850Coordinates: 52°22′37″N 3°51′00″W / 52.377°N 3.850°W / 52.377; -3.850
Total height90 metres (300 ft)
Number of drops5

Mynach Falls (Welsh: Rhaeadr Mynach) is a waterfall near Aberystwyth in the county of Ceredigion, Wales.

It occurs where the River Mynach drops 90 metres (300 ft) in 5 steps[1] down a steep and narrow ravine before it meets the River Rheidol.

The area is famous for the Devil's Bridge (Welsh: Pontarfynach - Bridge Over the Mynach River), a series of three arch bridges that span the river, one above the other.[2] The area near the waterfall is the terminus of the Vale of Rheidol Railway.


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