Myocardial contusion

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A myocardial contusion is a general term for a contusion (bruise) of the cardiac muscle (heart muscle). It is usually a consequence of blunt trauma to the anterior chest wall, and the right heart is thought to be most commonly affected due to its anatomic location as the most anterior surface of the heart. Myocardial contusion is not a specific diagnosis and the extent of the injury can vary greatly. Usually, there are associated injuries such as sternal and/or rib fracture. When a myocardial contusion is suspected, consideration must be given to an aortic rupture, which will likely be determined by clinical signs, tests, and imaging.

Medical problems that can be associated with myocardial contusion include myocardial rupture, septum or valve injury, myocardial infarction, cardiac dysfunction, cardiogenic shock, and arrhythmia.

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