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The Myopia Club, regarded by some historians[1] as being the oldest country club, was founded in the 1870s by four brothers with poor vision: Gordon, Charles, Morton, and Frederick Prince.[2] At first it was a neighborhood boys club devoted to boating and tennis, based on the shores of Wedge Pond in Winchester, Massachusetts.[1] Later the members' interests turned to riding and foxhunting, and the club moved to another site in Winchester, on Mystic Lake, where it became formally incorporated in 1879.[2]

Several Myopia Club members were interested in moving the club closer to Boston, and this led to the founding of The Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts in 1882.[3] But fox hunting proved impossible in Brookline, so those most interested in this activity founded the Myopia Hunt Club in Hamilton, Massachusetts.[3]

The Mystic Lake site became known as "Myopia Hill". The Winchester Country Club was founded there in 1902, and it still occupies the site.[1]

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