Myriad (DC Comics)

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Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Superman Vol.2 #77 (as Sasha Green, March 1993)
Superman Annual #5 (as Myriad)
Created by Dan Jurgens (writer & artist)
In-story information
Full name Sasha Green
Species Superhuman assassin
Abilities Shapeshifting, mind control and psyche absorption

Myriad is a fictional superhero published by DC Comics. She first appeared in Superman Annual #5, (March 1993), and was created by Dan Jurgens. She was one of the 'New Bloods', several superpowered individuals introduced during the 1993 DC Comics Bloodlines crossover event.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Sasha Green was a physical trainer working for LexCorp. After a tough training session with Lex Luthor II (in reality the real Lex Luthor, who was thought dead at the time and used a cloned body to masquerade as his "son"), during which he felt he had been embarrassed in the presence of others, she was murdered by Luthor in cold blood and her body later dumped in a landfill.[1]

In Superman Annual #5, part of the Bloodlines crossover event, her corpse was bitten/eaten by the alien parasite Gemir, which revived Sasha's body and activated a series of latent metagene powers: mind control, as well as shapeshifting and psyche absorption powers which could allow her to literally become the person she touches. However, when making contact with other people, she feels their pain as well, and the only way to sever this link is to use mind control so that they kill themselves. Each time she takes on a new identity she suffers amnesia after the ordeal. Taking on the name Myriad, she encounters Luthor again, who tasks an assassin, Jillian Simmons, to kill her while making it look like a helicopter crash. Myriad instead kills her in that identical manner and takes her identity. She survived and teamed up with Hitman to destroy the Taker.[2] After the Bloodlines parasite outbreak was defeated, she disappeared and her whereabouts were unknown.


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