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Myriandrus is located in Turkey
Shown within Turkey
RegionHatay Province
Coordinates36°35′N 36°10′E / 36.583°N 36.167°E / 36.583; 36.167Coordinates: 36°35′N 36°10′E / 36.583°N 36.167°E / 36.583; 36.167

Myriandrus (Greek: Μυρίανδρος, Myríandros) was an ancient Phoenician port on the Mediterranean Sea's Gulf of Alexandretta. Its ruins are located near the modern city of İskenderun in southern Turkey.

Herodotus records the entire Gulf of Alexandretta as Marandynian Bay, after Myriandrus.[1] (Later classical geographers would subsequently name the bay after nearby Issus.)

Xenophon claimed that Myriandrus was the border town between Cilicia and Syria. (Herodotus, meanwhile, placed the line further south at Ras al-Bassit in what is now Syria.[1]

In 333 BC, Alexander the Great intended to lay an ambush of Darius III of Persia at Myriandrus, but in the end the battle took place near Issus.[2][3]




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