Myristica yunnanensis

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Myristica yunnanensis
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Magnoliids
Order: Magnoliales
Family: Myristicaceae
Genus: Myristica
Species: M. yunnanensis
Binomial name
Myristica yunnanensis
Y.H. Li

Myristica yunnanensis is a species of plant in the Myristicaceae family. It is found in southern Yunnan, China, northern Thailand,[2] and in Thanh Hóa Province, Vietnam.[3] It is a large, evergreen tree, up to 30 m (98 ft) tall.[2]

At the time of the latest IUCN assessment in 1998, Myristica yunnanensis was only known from about 20 trees in two localities in Xishuangbanna in Yunnan; it was assessed as "Critically Endangered".[1] However, later it has been found to have a somewhat broader distribution reaching Thailand and Vietnam too. The Vietnamese record is from the Bến En National Park.[3]


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